Mythic Il’gynoth dead! 5/7M!

Got our Il’gynoth kill this week and looking forward to working on Cenarius and Xavius.

Still looking for exceptional DPS and heals!  Check out About Satori for more info, or search Satori in Guild Recruitment!

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Satori in Legion

So far in Legion Satori has celebrated downing mythic bosses Nythendra, Renferal, Ursoc and Dragons!

Still recruiting:
Shadow Priest
Windwalker Monk
Balance Druid
Even if we aren’t looking for your class feel free to still app.  We’re always looking for exceptional players.

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Mythic Archimonde dead!

Finally 13/13M! Recruitment still open for Legion. Send those apps our way!

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Mythic Mannoroth dead, now working on Archimonde

Final stretch of the expansion. Mannoroth took a bit longer but we came out with stronger than ever motivation for Archimonde. Remember that we are still looking to recruit for Legion!


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Mythic Xhul’horac also dead!

We are now 11/13M, on the very last stretch of the tier. Slowly working our way through Mannoroth and then Archimonde. We are also on full Legion prep mode right now, so if you wish to apply, recruitment is open for all classes and roles! Feel free to click on the Applications tab on the upper menu, or contact one of our officers in-game.

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Mythic Fel Lord and Tyrant dead! 10/13M

Only 3 bosses left in the tier. At this point we are looking to strengthen our roster with the absolute best we can find. Open for all the classes if you think you can outperform our current players.


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Mythic Socrethar dead, 8/13 Mythic!

Solid week of progress with 3 new kills. Now we have some time off WoW due to thanksgiving. Hoping to come back stronger than ever. Still recruiting!


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Mythic Gorefiend & Iskar dead. Still recruiting exceptional DPS!

It took longer than it should have, but Gorefiend has finally fallen down. On the same week we also managed to get a quick Mythic Iskar kill, and now we set our eyes on Socrethar!

As always we are still looking to recruit exceptional DPS. If you think you have what it takes don’t hesitate to apply, or contact one of our officers in-game.



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Realm first! Mythic Blackhand!

A little late since we’ve been busy working on mythic gorefiend, but we decided to take a night off and work on him. Not really a tough encounter when you outlevel the instance by 20 ilvls and it has been nerfed 20%, but still a thing!

We now officially finished the last tier, first guild on both encounters. Look forward to more progress!

We are also still looking to recruit exceptional players. DPS above all. If you have what it takes, go to the recruitment tab and send us your application!

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Hello world!

Our butts all look nice in our pants.


Except for you.   You know who you are.

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  • Nighthold
    • Skorpyron
    • Chronomatic Anomaly
    • Trilliax
    • Krosus
    • Star Augur Etraeus
    • Spellblade Aluriel
    • High Botanist Tel'arn
    • Tichondrius
    • Grand Magistrix Elisande
    • Gul'dan
  • Emerald Nightmare
    • Nythendra
    • Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption
    • Elerethe Renferal
    • Ursoc
    • Dragons of Nightmare
    • Cenarius
    • Xavius


Warrior Arms Fury Protection
Paladin Holy Protection Retribution
Hunter Beastmaster Marksman Survival
Rogue Assassination Combat Subtlety
Priest Discipline Holy Shadow
Deathknight Blood Frost Unholy
Shaman Elemental Enhancement Restoration
Warlock Affliction Demonology Destruction
Druid Balance Cat Bear Restoration